Transition management

Our highly skilled and committed team are all either UK CAA or US FAA approved maintenance engineers. We have experience in transitioning aircraft through numerous regulatory authorities.


Aircraft Technical Management & Lease Transition Services

We provide teams of surveyors to lessors or lessees and ensure both the aircraft and technical documentation is of an acceptable industry standard to meet lease return conditions. We can also assist during the lease negotiation phase.

Aircraft Pre-redelivery & Mid-term Audits

Our surveyors will perform detailed aircraft physical inspections and documentation review to ensure your asset is being maintained accordingly. For the pre-redelivery audit we will advise on what needs to be performed prior to the end-of-lease transaction. This will include back-to-birth trace of the major components.

Aircraft Pre-purchase Inspections

We can provide detailed reports on the current and historical maintenance status and condition of an interested asset. The reports along with digital pictures are either sent to our clients electronically or viewed from our on-line service.

Aircraft Maintenance Representation

Using our highly skilled surveyors we can provide on-site representation at any MRO for scheduled or non-scheduled maintenance. We can advise on invoicing and warranty issues. Prior to the event we can assist with maintenance contract negotiation.

Repossession & Aircraft Recovery

In these challenging financial times we can assist in securing distressed assets. We can secure your asset and move it to an MRO for storage until another lessee is found. Should your asset no longer be viable to transit onto another lessee we can part the asset out at a facility in the UK.


If you’re interested in services such as this please get in touch with our expert team. We’d love to hear from you.