Maintenance programme development

Being familiar with Type Certificate (TC) holder processes relating to maintenance programme (MP) is crucial to developing and maintaining an approved and accurate program.

This is where Aircamo’s skilled and committed team have the experience to manage this process on behalf of Airlines/Operators.

The Aircamo team will focus on the following processes

  • Development of TC Holder recommendations
  • Mandatory TC requirements
  • Operator management of maintenance programmes
  • Approval of maintenance programmes
  • Developing rules affecting maintenance programmes

It’s not just about putting the MP together it’s also about understanding the principles underlying the TC processes – Understanding maintenance steering group analysis, certification maintenance requirements, design requirements relating to scheduled maintenance.

MP compilation is about being familiar and up to date with the processes associated with operator management of MP’s including escalation and optimisation, engine and component off-wing programmes and alignment checks.

Aircamo has the knowledge and experience to know the documents necessary for the effective management of maintenance programmes including the MRB report, Maintenance Planning Data, Supplemental Inspection Documents, including:-

  • Access to information relating to developing regulations which will affect the approval, management and development of MP such as
    • ageing structures
    • fuel system safety
    • high intensity radiated frequency (HIRF)
    • electrical wire interconnect systems (EWIS)
  • Explaining the significance of the interactions between design requirements, maintenance programme development, maintenance standards and inspection standards.