ARC renewals / recommendations

Our skilled and experienced team of professionals have a knowledge base that extends to multiple aircraft types when it comes to an Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC) renewal or recommendation to the appropriate National Airworthiness Authority (NAA).

Our ARC review staff have the experience to conduct a review, prepare a review checklist whilst understanding the complex requirements of the ARC Issue, Extension and Recommendation process. This allows us to conduct a professional survey and to avoid potential problems of what to look for during a physical survey.


Performing ARC reviews

ARC Review staff involved in the performance, recommendation and issue of Airworthiness Review Certificates (ARC Signatories) ensure the processes followed are applicable to EASA Aircraft, as defined in Part M.

ARC Review staff apply additional procedures for the recommendation to competent authority for the import of aircraft.

When acting on behalf of AOC customers without ARC privileges, our ARC Review staff are able to make an ARC recommendation to the EASA NAA in question.

ARC Inspection Requirements

Airworthiness Review Certificate & Inspection standards

  • Aircraft records documentation review
  • Aircraft physical inspection

Review & Extension Checklist

  • ARC review checklist
  • Records review sample process
  • Findings
  • Maintenance discrepancies

ARC Inspection Requirements Continued

Conducting the airworthiness review and issuing the airworthiness review certificate

  • ARC Issues, extensions and recommendations
  • Co-ordination with operator – Confirmation of Aircraft and Records location
  • Completing the ARC checklist
  • Conducting the physical survey

Preparing the Recommendation

  • Compliance
  • Extension
  • Recommendation
  • Issue of an airworthiness review certificate
  • Inconclusive airworthiness review


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