Lessor Engine Management Programme

Provides a lessor care plan supporting engine requirements through any stage of the asset life cycle, pre, during and post a lease programme.

Provides a combination of engine related services to manage asset availability and minimise cost.

Provides quality, responsiveness, excellence and reassurance that meet customers expectations.

Provides 9 core engine competencies with turnkey capabilities.


Spare Engine & House Keeping

Ensuring engines are stored, maintained, preserved in accordance with the Engine OEM recommendation. Managing and maintaining engine compliance, customer visits and record inspections on-site at our in-house facilities or Customer sites.

On-Wing Engine Support/AOG Services

Ensuring engines are kept to the latest AD and SB standards minimising shop visit workscopes and extending time off-wing. Providing inspection reports, component changes and engine replacements for Lessor customer movements.

Technical Records and Back to Birth Management & Due Diligence

Ensuring your asset value retention is maximised with thorough oversight of engine technical records and associated documentation, traceable back to birth. Audits and inspections covering pre and post deliveries to manage your lessor programmes.

Off-Wing Engine Maintenance Facility

Modern in-house facility that supports engine induction for pre and post lease inspections. Experienced engine technicians support QEC/LRU changes, inspections, modifications and hospital workscopes. Please see our approvals page for our current engine capabilities.

Off-Wing Engine Controlled Environment

Aircamo Aviation Ltd can provide a controlled environment for your off-wing engine assets, to ensure that all required storage and return to service maintenance is accomplished in accordance with Type Certificate Holders requirements.

Inducting the engine into our controlled environment will deliver a forensic review of the engines technical records, establishing its status with respect to Life Limited Parts (LLPs); Airworthiness Directives (ADs); Maintenance Status; Modifications and any Repairs embodied. This review will enable Aircamo to provide evidence of the “airworthiness status” of engines managed within our controlled environment, and help you protect the value of your engine and the integrity of the airworthiness system.

GSE/Special to Product Tooling

Ensuring engine transportation stands and associated tooling remains fit for purpose at all times. Our comprehensive repair capabilities maintain and repair tooling to OE standards.

Engine Teardown and Parts Trading

A focus on life cycle costs our services extend to end of life support of your asset, allow you to extract high value components for customer spare parts or onward trade.

Part Inventory Management

Ensuring spare parts availability, managing stores, part standards, logistics, records, repair, disposal and quarantine actions. Capabilities include re-certification of parts.

Composite Repair Services

Specialising in composite repairs our capabilities work to the latest material standards for continued on-wing service and spare engine support.


If you’re interested in services such as this please get in touch with our expert team. We’d love to hear from you.


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