Care & maintenance

Aircraft can be placed into either a short or long term Care and Maintenance storage program.

Aircamo will ensure that your aircraft is stored and maintained during its storage program in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations maintaining the aircrafts airworthiness and maintenance compliance.

Our team have hands on experience with aircraft in storage from a maintenance and airworthiness perspective.

Aircamo can provide the following;

  • Customised storage program (based on OEM recommendations)
  • Detailed storage program reports with historic data/compliance
  • Return to service and bridging checks
  • Aircraft records storage and technical records management

The possible cost of NOT storing aircraft correctly

  • Unscheduled engine removal/repairs/shop visits
  • Visible external surface corrosion
  • Cabin furnishing replacement
  • Abnormal fuel/oil/hydraulic leaks during return to service and operation
  • Component degradation

Associated Services